Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Offensive Email Feedbacks received

5 Feb 2008 11:36:34 -0800

Tell you what, clown: get accustomed to being offended. The non Muslim world has ahd about all it cares to have of your desire for everyone conforming to YOUR standards. I'm offended by barbaric practices carried out in the name of the pedophile child molester that passes in your world for a prophet, but I don't care if you follow him around. And you're going to have to live with being offended by us.

You don't like that? Tough shit, raghead
5 Feb 2008 08:06:41 -0800

I think his face looks like a pig's ass.

Feb 5, 2008 3:47 PM

Any Muslim that finds this offense needs to get a grip. It's a freaking picture. Warm up the suicide bombers, time for global jihad against Wikipedia. The religion of peace, right. Time for another Crusade.


Sven Opitz said...

I am very disappointed.
Holding the identities of those hidden who sent you positive feedback, while exposing those, who sent offensive feedback, however misguided it might be is the worst form of measuring by two standards.

To the problem at hand. It is not easy, religious belief on one hand, objective reporting on the other.
But the answer was quite simple to me:
I am an atheist. You say, the pictures hurt your religious beliefs. Well, there are christians, who belief the earth to be not older than 4000 years, should they have the right in your opinion to have articles struck on (list by far not complete):

- All forms os dinosaurs
- Geology, that proves the earth to be older than 4000 years
- Astronomy that does the same
- Archeology
- Paleontology

The list can go on. If you say I have to respect your religious feelings, do I have to respect theirs in the same way? And what of those that belief medicin to be meddling with gods work? Should we all forbid medicine?

Where do we draw the line?

And what of my beliefs? I believe those pictures to be of extreme interest to historians who research muslim history. I think tolerance does not mean to impose your religious beliefs on me.

Are my beliefs without substance?

Does every place have to respect all forms of religion, than we have a problem, because there are religions, that especially forbids mentioning of other religions. Would you be content, to have Islam not mentioned to satisfy their religious beliefs?

Just a few pointers.

Sven Opitz

forgiving said...
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Tolerance said...

It seems that Muslims maintain that to depict any of the Prophets in any form is not allowed. However, they have not requested that Wikipedia remove any images of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, etc. Where is the logic of centralizing this argument around Muhammad? This is reactionary, as usual, and inappropriate. This petition and its "logic" is only meant to provoke more hatred and suspicion of the West.

jsmith said...

I agree with Sven Opitz. Why the two standards? Can this site really expect others to respectfully listen to their request when they can't even respect guest on their own site? And why is it that in America Muslims get respect and can where what ever clothes or turbines they like. We Christians don't force you to follow our religious rules.
Why must you force the world to follow yours.

A Christian by choice not force!

Duke-one said...

When will you Muslims learn that the world will not act as you wish in these matters? You may fervently believe in your religion and all its precepts but that does not give you the right to tell everyone else how to behave. There are sects of Christianity that don’t believe in “graven images” but they don’t try to force anyone else to remove pictures or statues from their property. I would recommend that you don’t look when you see something that upsets you. Turn the page or change the channel. Join the modern world. Condemn terrorism. Earn real respect by respecting others beliefs and not trying to mold the world to your liking. You can't do that at the point of a gun.

Kenneth Duke Masters
The Bill of Rights
December 15 1791

Muslim Unity said...

@ Tolerance
its a start not the end...

Muslim Unity said...

@ jsmith
problem is you are not forcing us to follow u, but with such acts u r forcing us to to be like u.

Muslim Unity said...

@ Duke-one
we are not concerned with ur matters so we thing u don't concern our matters as well. that is why did we did not make a petition to remove all pictures of prophets but just Muhammad (PBUH).

surveillance_guy said...

It is unfortunate that the people of the islamic faith choose to hide images of their prophet from themselves. However, in the modern, digital, age, they may no longer hide the images from the world. The internet is a world-wide resource available to those of all faiths and beliefs (even those with none at all) and as such cannot and SHALL NOT be governed or bullied by the 0.0000000017% of the worlds' population that have signed your petition. Every holy text has references to modern times. You should consult yours to be sure it doesn't say islamics are supposed to be stone-aged dullards.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting you refer to the opinions of those who don't agree with you as "offensive email." I for one am offended that you label my email offensive. I could understand "dissenting" email, as this is merely an argument with two sides. This label shows the hypocrisy and intolerance inherent in your religion. I am Christian. I go to church, worship as I choose, and I never give your religion a second thought. However, you seem to spend most of your religious time and energy hating me and insisting I change my ways if I so much as disagree with you. What kind of higher power asks that of their followers?

If you put a statue of Jesus in a glass urine, I would be disgusted and think you were pathetic. But that act would never change who my prophet is, nor shake my belief or faith. If you are so freaked out by seeing a picture of your prophet, then you have a mighty shaky grasp on what is important. And even more interesting, is your prophet really that fragile, or your belief that shallow?

Anonymous said...

To Sven - well put. But the whole point is that not showing the prophet is a mostly 20th Century thing and has nothing to do with actual belief systems. It's just church dogma, like the Catholics, who just decided you need to believe in Limbo, then finally struck it off the list a year ago.

Muslim Unity said...

we just not want to hide them but we want to stop people making them.
and in out holly book there are some rules that can't be changed and its one of them.
if ever in life u get time read Quran and then say that who talk about stone age.
and only in this modern world we realize what crap is created about religions on. and we want to stop happening to Islam.

Muslim Unity said...

i don't get offended when somebody disagree with me. i get offended when somebody intensionally offend me.
I am tolerant do i publish you email and then ur comment. but there are some aspects of life where tolerance is regarded as weakness.
higher powers just don't ask you to just pray and get peace of mind. it ask u to defend it when others try to destroy it.
"If you put a statue of Jesus in a glass urine, I would be disgusted and think you were pathetic."
if u just think and run away next time other person will do something more disgraceful. so when u see him doing this first time you should try to stop him what ever power u have. that shows how powerful ur belief is.
these pictures can't do any harm to Prophet or me. but they can 1st step toward Danish cartoon controversy.

Muslim Unity said...

@ hypernation
This law about pictures is there from 1st day of Islam. and Islam is not like church where u can change rules what suites u. in Islam u has to change according to Islam.

SS said...

To all the people with negative remarks…

Respect between people can only be achieved if there is respect between faiths, beliefs and views. If there were such a Christian who believed something to be offensive against their religion, do they not have the right to express their views, to do everything they can possible to change something they strongly disagree with, and to peacefully protest so that something like this does not happen again?

There are images that are offensive to Muslims because they are images of a person who was their hero, who was their messenger, their role model. Do they not have the right to express their views? These views may contradict with yours, but that does not make ours any less valid, nor do they make yours any less valid.

Muslims have strong beliefs, and whether or not they contradict with what you believe, you have a right to respect them. It is your duty. You will find that if there is something that goes against our religion, we will do whatever we can to change it. That is something that we as Muslims cannot and will not change. That is the beauty of Islam. It does not change according to the people, according to the time, the culture or the society or the latest trend. People change their lives according to the true Islam, one that has prohibited images and idols from the very beginning.

We are not trying to force our rules on everybody as people are saying. But if there is something that is completely unnecessary and it does not have to be on the website… can we not remove it? If there was an image that insulted the Jewish faith, or the Christian faith, the Hindu faith or whatever faith it might be, you will find that Muslims would agree to these images being removed. They would cause far greater offence and ridicule to millions of people and at the expense of what? Freedom of expression? Freedom of expression should never be used as an excuse to insult, cause harm, or to offend any person or group of people. This is a duty that we not as Muslims, or Christians, or whatever have, but we as people have. It is our duty to respect each others views regardless of our own beliefs.

Wikipedia want to show, to educate, to give knowledge about Islam. They have a petition from hundreds of thousands of Muslims saying that the use of images is extremely prohibited. Should they not be representing the true Islam? If there was a site about atheism, you wouldn’t have religious imagery everywhere! Similarly, if you want a site about Islam, you wouldn’t have images or drawings of people on there.

Please remove these images:)

Anonymous said...

Despite the pictures I object another thing about the illustration of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Wikipedia says that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the "founder" of Islam while actually in my opinion he was a true follower of Islam. He was just the last prophet of Islam like all other prophets past before him like Adam, Jesus, Moses and Abraham etc. They all gave the same message i.e. to worship one God and follow HIS commandments. I object the word "founder". can you post a petition against this as well.