Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Truth about Wikipedia

I feel really sad to expose the reality of Wikipedia, i was a great fan of that work and try to contribute as much as i could. but during that straggle i cam across the reality of Wikipedia.
I found Wikipedia a voice of Atheist who is working to undermine the role of religion, insulting the followers of religions and changing the history of religions.

To support there agenda Wikipedia is using some big banners and ambiguous rules.

when i was reading the article about Muhammad (PBUH) on Wikipedia, i notice illustrations of Muhammad places on this article. so i made a petition to tell wikipedia to remove them, but wikipedia refuse that by saying "wikipedia is not censored" and it does not respect any petition. they also threaten me to block my account if i did not take back my petition.

So i tried to contest that matter with wikipedia Admins on discussion page. and find that all Muslim editors of that article are trying to take these illustrations out of that page but all Atheist editors who are also the admins of wikipedia are apposing that. they are saying that wikipedia is not censored, and they regard Muhammad(PBUH) as an ordinary man in history. they did same with my arguments. one by one all atheist admins answer my request by same argument. and finally when i show them the mirror. they threaten me by giving me warnings. and accuse me hate speech.
so then i decided to twist the argument by raising some controversial questions.
my questions were:
"Hitler as Hero?"
Add views of other nations about Holocaust
they contested these arguments and block me from wikipedia by declaring me as a "
neo-Nazi Holocaust denial ". I think both were valid questions under wikipedia policies. as it was clear that wikipedia is following a hidden agenda. that agenda is created by admins who are west European and Atheist. so by nature they are anti religion and anti Nazi.
I know one thing, that my these two points put them on fire
and came to believe that, i am not the first or last in this struggle, believe in Allah and go on...

on Jan 4 when i try again to contest my block
and put this on
user B and
The Evil Spartan who answer my unblock request
"I am not responsible of others action. if some other people are removing these things why you block me. i limit my self only to discussion pages. and if you think i am only involve in off the site activities then see this [ |Keeping of the Pics of Muhammad on Wikipedia]. and the archive discussion you linked in my blocking is not about me its about some other user.
There is no evidence i go against the policies of wikipedia. so there is no other point then CABAL.
the user B block my ip till 11 Jan and undo my discussion on discussion pages not just on his discussion page but on also the user The Evil Spartan.
they say me i am crying the CABAL against me then any body tell me what is this.

some people will ask why i touch this bowling topic?

After long hard and frozen discussions I decided to show Wikipedia some harsh realities Wikipedia is going through, when on some topics to keep the neutral view they censor some topics but on other issues they are refusing to do so. It has nothing to do with Muslim or my personal view on these issues.


The Evil Spartan said...

To be honest, I declined your unblock because you couldn't see how you violated some of Wikipedia's policies. Wikipedia has a lot of policies that I frankly don't agree with either: I think we *could* censor it and it would be better, but it's policy:, and I have to abide by it too.

Among other problems seemed to be a failure to assume good faith i.e., "Your actions are provocative and base[d] on hate[,] not for knowledge" (, petitioning other users online (, issuing legal threats ( I also am not sure that you understood that this argument has been rehashed dozens of times before, and you are not the only one to try to bring it up. In fact, I went through a lengthy mediation that took months, and would have reached an agreement had the mediator not been threatened with his and his family's life.

As for considering Hitler a hero, I must say that I think this point of view to be wrongheaded. No matter what someone thinks of another race, killing them en masse is morally wrong in every sense, and hailing the perpetrator of such a crime is indeed hate speech. If you were trying to be ironic, as you say, then it was nearly impossible to pick up on.

I would happy to discuss some of the issues with you if you contacted me on my talk page. As I said, I think a lot of Wikipedia's policies stink. And, for the record, I am neither an administrator, an atheist, nor
a European, and I do not have a secret agenda. In fact, I have never even met any other Wikipedia users.

Muslim Unity said...

@The Evil Spartan
thanks 4 ur response. but i only raise these point to point out that wikipedia is censoring itself. and i can't use wikipedia anymore because my account and ip is blocked or indefinite time period. this shows how wikipedia implement CABLE.

zainengineer said...


I am from Pakistan and an ex wikipedia editor. I few years ago started the article of (Criticism of Wikipedia). I can help you in wikipedia rules.

Plus we can talk on phone if you want.

Take Care

Muslim Unity said...

@ zainengineer
Thanks but how i can contact u?
you can leave me ur contact details at the email shown in profiles.

Anonymous said...

Assalam Alaikum

I was very upset about the fact that pictures were illustrated of our beloved prophet PBUH which is why i am glad there is a petition asking to remove these. I was angered and appalled by the comments that one miserable ignorant individual made on his blogspot and i am wondering if you have seen them. I also ask you is there anything anyone can do to remove this person's patheitic and insulting comments? Please help.

Allah Hafiz

p.s the website address of this ignorant fool is:

Anonymous said...

I do respect every religion, even though I don't have one.
I think that the fact you muslims seem offended by images of Muhammad, doesn't justify the removal of the images as you asked.
Humans tender to make better associations with images, than with words only. Maybe what you should have proposed would be a
Muhammad article for muslims, without the images. Like this, muslims who feel offended may just switch the "version" of the article. It's much more of a consensus than a religious thing. Wikipedia is a neutral site, and if the removal of some image is being asked with a religious purpose, and Wikipedia does it, it'll transform itself in a religious site, and we don't want that to happen.

You guys have to understand, that wikipedia is not a big outdoor advertisement like you find in highways or shopping centers, it's a place that you only go where you want, wikipedia doesn't advertise any article. Think about it, like a human being,
not like a radical religous being.

Muslim Unity said...

@ Anonymous
thanks 4 writing me. yes i read almost all comments on this blog and i approve some of them to tell others how miss knowledge are some peoples in this world and some time i try my best to answer. believe me some of them are so stupid i reject them. if u has some special text u think should be removed email me. email address is public in my profiles.

Icewarp said...

Regarding the wikipedia article, he is not asking to remove the caricature, as he said, in his point of view that should be moved to another article and I think he is right.

For the A.H. article, you are making another mistake and they guy has really a point. Hitler was not considered a hero for supposedly killing millions of one "race" (sic), he is considered a hero for the good things he made for his country people and how he changed his country situation. You fail in your comment explanation because you affirm that a historic prooved fact should not be informed just because of that killing and erros everybody made in WW2? What´s the point?
As someone already said in wikipedia discussion, I can´t see Wikipedia as a serious source of information if this kind of thinking is taken. You have to informam the truth and that´s all, no matter what happenedm, PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH to learn with the past.