Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Peninsula - Sign up against Danish cartoons

i was reading the news coverage about this petition and fond an article in The Peninsula, a Qatar's Daily English daily.
it was mention there that 10000 signatures are enough to force Wikipedia to remove there images. but i like to clear the world that was my personal estimate, not a Wikipedia policy. so i encourage more and more brothers and sisters to sign this petition so we can put strong and constant pressure on Wikipedia. As Wikipedia is hosted in California only public pressure or California state can force Wikipedia to remove such hate material. hope somebody from California will help us to take this petition to concern authorities.
here is another good story related to my petition.
Wikipedia accused of 'US-centric bias'


great_dude_007 said...

Every Muslim and ruler of Muslim coutries should protest against Danmark and bicotte All Economics and Military relations with Danmark and those who are supporting Danmark, Because every sensable person knows that Danmark and her supporters totaly against islam and thay proved that thay wants fight in world not peace because thay like exterimism and terrorism, and Thay Proved That To Print Cartoons Against Muhammad(PBUM).Here i request to every peace loving person doesn't matter if thay are non-muslim do "strongly protest against TERRORISTs and EXTERIMISTs" MAY ALMIGTHY GOD BELESS ALL PEACE LOVING PERSONS

Sajjad said...

Publishing such images creates harsh and hatered feeling two very important religious groups i. e. Muslims and Christians. This hurts the feelings of Muslims as well. More over it should be noted that Muslims has never never done such act for Jesus Christ and respect the God's Prophet as instructed in Holy Quran. Therefore other would also respect their Prophet, which would create better relation between the two relijious communities. Therefore it is strongly recommended that images of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.